Design Features

Locking System

Patented hammerless locking system designed for speed and safety.

Shroud Design

Designed and tested to provide stay sharp penetrative profile that lasts while protecting your machine.

Steel Quality

Optimised steel composition, designed specifically to give the best results possible.

Locking System

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    Simple, quick, hammerless.

    Simple, quick hammerless locking, that simply screws in and out.

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    Fines broken

    Fines quickly broken, shroud easier to remove without the need for gouging.

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    Reusable lock.

    Reusable lock, simply change retainer for best results.

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    Protected Boss.

    Boss fully protected from external wear.

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    Few components

    Minimal number of components helps to simplify mounting and inventory.

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    Underground and Surface mining.

    Same locking used on all overground lip shrouds.

Shroud design

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    Penetrative Profile

    Penetrative profile to improve load cycle times and reduce machine consumption.

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    Lasts longer

    Designed to last longer and stay sharper throughout working life using high end CAD and non-linear Finite element analysis tools.

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    Full Protection

    Integrated assembly that provides full bucket wear protection.

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    Product Range

    Range of shrouds to accommodate various bucket configurations, including half corner shrouds to maintain a continuous cutting edge.


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    Optimised Composition

    To provide maximum abrasion resistance combined with maximum toughness to withstand high impact service conditions.

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    Increased Wear-life

    Wears slower thus last longer.

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    Withstand heavy impacts, static loads and repetitive stresses that can cause fatigue and breakages.

Designed & Engineered to work better for you!