Wear Packages + Services.

Wear Packages

Full Bucket Protection.

Full Service Offerings

Design, Engineering, Boiler making.

Complete Wear Packages

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    Cut to requirements from Wearalloy 450 - a martesitic abrasion resistant steel, with an average hardness of 450 HBW. The steel
    offers very high resistance to abrasive wear and impact granting a longer service life.

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    Wearstrips and profile bars

    Cut from Creusabro - an advanced high resistant performance steel thanks to its outstanding wear performance it can be used as a
    replacement for conventional Q&T plate & cast applications.

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    Additional GET

    Grouser Bars
    Composite Products

Full service offerings

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    At Wearforce we strive to improve your business by providing
    you with the products and services required to get the job done
    quickly, efficiently and effectively.

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    Engineering and Maintenance

    Our specialized and hugely experienced technical staff and
    boiler-makers are able to assist with any heavy or light weight
    maintenance work, builds or rebuilds.

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    Profile Cutting

    With in-house CAD, Nesting and CNC Profile cutting
    facilities in our Perth branch, we can pull and cut wear
    plate directly from stock to meet your needs in an instant.

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    Boilermaker labour hire

    We have a series of professional and experienced
    Boilermakers (often inducted with all the major mining
    companies) for onsite labour hire to meet your needs
    and requirements.

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    Design & Development

    We use high level CAD and Non-lineal Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to design, simulate, evaluate and shape concepts into feasible and reliable finished designs. Thus reducing time to market and helping to produce better designs that fully meet our customer’s needs.

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